Izjemna vrednost za mala podjetja

An ExpertCenter D5 SFF, Mini Tower and Tower are placed from left to right on a concrete platform, with blue sky behind.


Izjemne zmogljivosti, ne glede na nalogo

An ExpertCenter D5 SFF is placed right to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse on a white table in an office.
Windows 11 Pro
13. generacija
Intel® procesora
64 GB
3 TB + 2 TB1
GeForce® GT1030
NVIDIA® grafična kartica


Poenostavite svoj delovni prostor s kompaktno napravo

A man working on an ExpertCenter D5 SFF in a white office with 3 other people in the room. The ExpertCenter D5 SFF is placed left to a monitor on the desk.
An ExpertCenter D5 SFF is placed horizontally on a marble table, with an ASUS monitor showing a presentation on top of the ExpertCenter D5 SFF.
Kompakten in prilagodljiv

Odprava hrupa

Tehnologija odprave hrupa s pomočjo umetne inteligence


Pripravljen na poslovni svet

The front and rear of ExpertCenter D5 SFF D500SD is shown, with all the ports and connections labelled. From top to bottom, left to right. On the rear side, there are: PS/2 mouse port, PS/2 keyboard port, optional serial port, VGA port, HDMI port, four USB 2.0 ports, LAN (RJ-45) port, microphone port, line out port, line in port, optional parallel port. On the front side, there are: hard disk drive indicator, optional optical disk drive, headphone port, audio combo jack, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, optional smart card reader and SD card reader.


Enostaven za uporabo in upravljanje

Side view of an ExpertCenter D5 SFF with a third of the side open at an angle and a blue arrow pointing out from the optical disc drive.
Brez težav vzdrževanje in nadgradnje
Oglejte si vadnico
An open-sided view of an ExpertCenter D5 SFF showing the expansion capabilities. From left to right: two M.2 for storage, one M.2 for WiFi, one PCIe 4.0/3.0 x16, two PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1, two DIMMs, a 3.5” hard disk drive bay, an optical disc drive bay, and a 2.5” hard disk drive bay.
Moč narediti več
Side view of an ExpertCenter D5 SFF with cold air flowing from the front panel into the fan and air chamber, while waste heat exiting from the back panel.
Manj toplote, večja produktivnost

Zanesljivost delovanja

Izdelan, da traja

An ASUS motherboard in black and a square CPU highlighted in an orange overlay in the center.
Matične plošče številka 1 na svetu

Trpežnost vojaškega razreda

Pripravljen na akcijo

An ExpertCenter D5 SFF standing on a rocky hill with a US MIL-STD-810H icon next to it.


Rešitve za varnost in zasebnost

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) icon with a TPM chip and a lock overlapping the bottom right corner of the chip.
Modul zaupanja (TPM)
Kensington lock icon
Varnostna reža Kensington in reža za ključavnico
USB ports read and write control icon with a USB drive and a lock overlapping the right side of the USB drive.
Nadzor branja/pisanja vrat USB


Poenostavitev poslovanja

An ASUS monitor displaying the ASUS Control Center dashboard.
ASUS Control Center6
An ASUS monitor displaying the ASUS Business Manager dashboard.
ASUS Business Manager
An ASUS monitor displaying the MyASUS Customization page.


Maksimalna podpora, minimalen napor

Comprehensive 24/7 support icon.
Celovita podpora 24/7
MyASUS app icon.
Aplikacija MyASUS
Pick-up & return, onsite service icon.
Storitev prevzema in vračila izdelka s servisa
Warranty extension icon.
Podaljšana garancija

Okolju prijazen

Skrb za okolje

An ExpertCenter D5 SFF facing 5 o’clock, with a backdrop of green trees and a Green ASUS logo.
Power usage comparison between 80+ and 80+ Platinum devices.
The power wasted in 80 Plus Platinum certified device is 8% of its total power consumed, which is 12% lower than the standard 80 Plus certified device.
Učinkovita poraba energije

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